Dr. Scott E. Yorker, D.C.

Doctorate in Chiropractic
– Life Chiropractic College – Marietta, GA
B.S. in Exercise Science
– Ithaca College – Ithaca, NY
Certification in Physiological Therapeutics
– National College – Chicago, IL
National and State Board Certified
– PA, NY & NJ –

Dr. Scott Yorker has been servicing Philadelphia area for over 21 years managing patients with a variety of post trauma conditions.
Dr. Yorker provides a unique approach “restorative health care,” which incorporates the most advanced chiropractic techniques along with physical therapy, nutritional counseling and stress management.
He works closely with other health care professionals and therapists to assure you receive the best in wellness care. Simply put he will help you get the results you are looking for and guide you so you will continue to be your best. He specializes in creating wellness and peak performance through coordinating all joint mechanics with core strength, postural balance and breath.

In an effort to educate the community about health and wellness Dr. Yorker volunteers his time to any local business, organization or group interested in learning more. His most popular workshops include Nutrition: Are You Eating Away At Your Health, How to Turn Stress into Optimum Peak Performance, How to Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Natural Solutions to Headache Pain and Trigger Point Massage. If you have a specific topic you are interested in he can also customize a workshop just for you!
His mission is to educate as many people as possible in our community.

Please email to drscottyorker@gmail.com to set up a workshop at your facility.